Retail Manager


Nick Bertling began managing Mid Atlantic Drum shop in 2011.

I was hired by Keith Larsen, independent drum builder (Baltimore Drum Company/ Maryland Drum Company) and longtime drum service specialist, to help grow and improve his already blossoming local destination shop for all things drum related. I took over day to day operations, inventory control, and servicing his longtime customer base.


I soon grew my customer base which many followed from my last music shop, and many were pleased to know I wouldn't have to ask them to hold on while I helped granny buy a used oboe. I've now got a dedicated customer base of my very own.


I absolutely love discussing my customer's ever changing needs and feelings toward gear. Sticks, heads, cymbals, and drums being an ever-evolving thing as people's playing situations change, and new musical styles are discovered, older favorites are rediscovered. I also love working on drums, as they seem to need a fair amount of attention, if they're being regularly utilized in professional situations.


I've created product videos for the shop, which have increased our sales, and have opened up dialog about the products in the shop.


I've throughly enjoyed improving my drum restoration skills while at Mid Atlantic Drum. The knowledge I've gained from Keith and the other kind folks I've worked with in this industry have been extremely generous with their insider knowledge. I've taken the skills that I've developed working on my own vintage drum sets, and applied them to a professional situtation, and with returned successes.