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Started in 2012, Bertling Noise Laboratories was born out of the frustrated creative mind of sideman and session musician Nick Bertling. After years of working as primarily a drummer and vocalist for several Baltimore-based bands and solo acts, most notably as drummer for Andy Bopp and as member of Chicago- based Airiel as drummer and bassist. Nick Bertling always had an obsession with DIY recording, especially the sounds of Todd Rundgren, Emitt Rhodes, and Jon Brion. In 2012, Matilda and 12 Others was released, and remains a fan favorite to this day as an unbridled piece of creative pop-styled work. In 2015 The Flehmen Response was released to little fanfare. Late in 2016, Fuck Snow a song about his extreme dislike of snow became a tiny cult classic due to its bizarre unflinching video. 2017 brought the Bandcamp exclusive album "A Little Touch of Bertling In The Night" which spanned 3 decades of music that was influential to his development as an artist. Nick Bertling continues to act as a sideman, mix engineer, and producer, making uncompromising music as the Bertling Noise Laboratories, bridging classic and progressive pop music.

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